Hall of Honor

Each year, the EPCHS selects living and deceased individuals considered to be outstanding men or women of character, vision, courage, and creative spirit. These individuals must have lived in El Paso county and have consistently done the unusual which deserves to be written or recorded, or have made El Paso County better for having lived in it. Each inductee is distinguished as having influenced over a period of years the course of history of El Paso County, or by their singular achievements have brought honor and recognition to the EL Paso community and have directed us toward worthy goals and merit being remembered by all El Pasoans as an exemplary guide to our future.

Nominations for the Hall of Honor are accepted year-round, with the deadline for consideration July 1st for that calendar year. Honorees are selected by a secret committee during a series of meetings in July and August. Nominations not selected for induction remain active for consideration in future years. If you would like to submit a nomination, please download our form and submit a complete nomination package, including letters of references, newspaper clippings, and/or any other supporting material you think will assist the selection committee in their task. For more information call 533-3603, or stop by the Burges house, 603 W. Yandell Dr.

Hall of Honor Inductees

2021: Mr. Colbert Coldwell, Mr. Joseph Ray, Mr. Jack Maxon, and Ms. Mary Haynes

2020: Rick Francis, Maude Craig Sampson Williams, William J. Hooten, and Janice Woods Windle

2019:Ron Dawson, John Peak, Betty Moor MacGuire, and Fred Morton.

2018: Paul Foster, Pres Dehrkoop, Dr. Maceo Dailey, and Telesforo Montes

2017: Jim Peak, Don Henderson, Bert Williams, Alex and Patty Apostolides

2016: Holly Thurston Cox, Michael Hutson, Sr., Charles F. Jordan, III, Luis A. Jimenez, Jr.

2015: Dee Margo, Nestor Valencia, Bill Rakocy, Mary and Ernest Ponce

2014: Patrick Haggerty, Belen Robles, Hana Farah, Judge Albert Armendariz

2013: Larry Francis, Nancy M. Hamilton, Floyd S. Fierman, Jesus Cobos

2012: Joe Gomez, Dr.Alward McKeel White, Mary Sarber, Julia North Breck

2011: Dr.Mimi Reisel Gladstein, Rosa Guerrero, Lee Moor, John H. Stockmeyer, Sr.

2010: Dr. Laurence N. Nickey, Richard Dudley, Jack Vowell, Jr.

2009: George McAlmon, Jr., Betty Goetting, Hibbard G. Polk

2008: J. Sam Moore, Jr., Lawrence Paul Berry, Mabel Clair Welch

2007: Frank Mangan, Dr. Branwell Stevens, John McNeely

2006: Arthur Sheldon Hall, Alice Lorraine Dwyer

2005: Adair Margo, Jane Burges Perrenot

2004: Frank Gorman, Jr., Dale Resler

2003: Leon Metz, David Carrasco, Jr.

2002: Dr. Wilbert Timmons, Dr. Lawrence Nixon, Samuel Young, Sr.

2001: Roy T. Chapman, Mother Praxedes Carty, Daniel Roy Ponder

2000: Owen P. White, Woody Hunt

1999: Leonard A. Goodman, Jr., Richard W. Mithoff

1998: Maj. Jefferson Van Horne, Dr. Diana Natalicio

1997: Walter Nathaniel Vilas, M.D., Ellis O. Mayfield

1996: Frank Feuille III, Peter de Wetter

1995: Harry H. Varner, M.D., Myrna George Deckert

1994:Juana M. Azcárate de Stephenson, William Michie Coldwell, Eliseo H. Baeza

1993: Florence Cathcart Melby, Hughes deCourcy Slater, Richard C. White

1992: Alice Pierce Barry, Benjamin S. Dowell, Louis W. Breck, M.D.

1991: Vernus Carrey, Charles H. Leavell

1990: William H. Fryer, Willard W. Schuessler, M.D.

1989: Brig. General S.L. A. Marshall, D. Harold Wiggs, Sr.

1988: Jeanie M. Frank, Cdr. (Ret) Millard McKinney.

1987: Dorrance D. Roderick, Gertrude Goodman

1986: Mrs. Guy Hallet Johnson, Karl O. Wyler

1985: William H. Burges, William I. Latham.

1984: Anson Mills, Manuel Gregorio Acosta

1983: Felix Martinez, Elizabeth Hooks Kelly

1982: Dr. William Martin Yandell, Margaret Schuster Meyer

1981: Henry C. Trost, Abraham Chavez, Jr.

1980: Henry Thomas Ponsford, Dr. J.M. Hanks

1979: Thornton Hardie, Louise Schuessler

1978: Robert R. Jones, Edward W. Rheinheimer, M.D.

1977: Cleofas Calleros, Msgr. Henry Buchanan

1976: Mrs. Otto Nordwald, Fred Hervey

1975: James Price Hague, Tom Lea

1974: Joseph Magoffin, Jose Cisneros

1973: Juan S. Hart, Judson F. Williams

1972: Olga Bernstein Kohlberg, Joseph F. Friedkin

1971: Hugh Spotswood White, Charles Leland Sonnichsen

1970: Haymon Krupp, Eugene O. Porter

1969: James Augustus Smith, Jean Carl Hertzog

1968: Zach T. White, Jack Caruthers Vowell

1967: Robert E. McKee, Sr., Christian Petrus Fox

1966: Charles R. Morehead, Maurice Schwartz

1965: Ernest W. Krause, Lucinda de Leftwich Templin

1964: Allen H. Hughey, Sr., Marie H. Howe (Mrs Walter D.)

1963: Eugenia M. Schuster, Robert E. Thomason

1962: Richard Fenner Burges, Maud Durlin Sullivan, Rev. B.M.G. Williams

1961: James Wiley Magoffin, Lawrence M. Lawson