In March, 1954, at the urging of Cleofas Calleros, the Women’s Department of the Chamber of Commerce undertook the project of creating an El Paso Historical Society.

Since that time we have collected items pertaining to the history of El Paso and have published a quarterly publication, “Password” with historical article pertaining to the area.

Our Archives include photos, journals, documents, books and more. Learn more


El Paso High School

Here is a sampling of photos from our archives of El Paso High School as it celebrates it’s centennial this year.

004-1994-004 (1)

San Jacinto Plaza

As El Paso waits patiently for the completion of construction on San Jacinto Plaza, known to generations of El Pasoans as “La Plaza de los Lagartos,” or Alligator Park, here is a collection of photos of the Plaza from our archives.

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