Women as Agents of Social Change: El Paso’s Social Housekeepers, 1886-1930

Red Cross women organizing for a magazine drive during World War I.

     (Image located in El Paso County Historical Society archives)

2020  EPCHS Women’s History Exhibit

During the late 19th century and early 20th century, El Paso women found their public and political voices as activists. They fought to enact important social reforms in various areas including education, public safety, and health and welfare. They also fought for suffrage, prohibition, and other reform issues. At the time, it was not acceptable for women to have a public role; they belonged in the home. To counter this, women activists argued that they needed to go out into the community to address important social issues in order to preserve their homes and families. They called themselves “social housekeepers.” This exhibit looks at some of the different clubs and individuals who fought for social change.

 Exhibit Team: Joseph Longo, Barbara Angus, Dr. Sue Stanfield, Claudia Ramirez, Melissa Hutson, Trish Long, and Sarah Duenas.

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