Month: November 2015

Know Your Ground

It is difficult to say from where the sentiment originates, but I have always felt as though El Paso, TX is regarded as somewhat unimportant and uninteresting by the rest of the United States. Such disregard seems to be recapitulated by El Paso’s citizens—or at the very least, by its educational system. Through the course […]

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My intention with my previous post was to avoid legitimating my exploration of El Paso history (for myself and for others) because the importance of local history should be obvious. Luckily, though, I continue to find my quest for El Pasohistory validated. Case in point: today, while volunteering at the El Paso County Historical Society’s […]

The Mysterious Case of Francis F. Last week, we got a call from Southern Methodist University (SMU) about verifying whether some photos they had in their collections credited to one Francis F. Parker were also attributable to a Francis W. Parker listed on our website. The search for the answer to this question demonstrates how history is not only investigative, […]

Welcome to our Blog!/Some Insights Into What History is More stories

Welcome! Welcome to the El Paso County Historical Society Blog! We will be updating it every-so- often with all things Borderlands history. Whether it is an interesting find, an entry about an event that took place in the Borderland, or general insights into history, you’ll find it here. Please make sure to check with us, […]

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