Month: February 2016

El Paso Pioneer: Dr. Edward Alexander

The Pioneer Association of El Paso was formed in 1904 by men who had come to the city before 1900. Among its ranks were builders, merchants, traders, lawyers, farmers, miners and others who came west to make a new life or find their fortune. Some of the records of the Pioneer Association are housed at […]

0220_UTEP Awards_95 Best Jr Indiv Award

El Paso History Day

Last week, UTEP hosted its 19th annual El Paso History Day, one of dozens of events held across the country that showcase middle and high school students’ historical research projects. This year a record number of participants entered in El Paso. El Paso County Historical Society President, Jim Fashing, and Corresponding Secretary, Robert Diaz, presented […]

Only in El Paso: Scenic Drive

Several months ago, local filmmaker Jesus Nunez interviewed the El Paso County Historical Society’s very own Robert Diaz about the wonder and importance of Scenic Drive. Watch here! Only in El Paso: Scenic Drive

Password LX, 2016

Password Volume LX, Numbers 1-4 from 2016 Volume LX, No. 1, Spring 2016 Spence v. Fletcher: The Case That Killed Legalized Prostitution in Texas by Ken Jackson The Story of J. Manuel Escajeda and the Link between Duke University, World War I, El Paso, and the University of Virginia by the Honorable Alberto F. Trevino, […]

Password LIX, 2015

Password Volume LIX, Numbers 1-4 from 2015 Volume LIX, No. 1, Spring 2015 America’s Fighting Dollars: The World War II Bond Drive In Two Texas Cities by Molly Butler Polly Harris: Not Your Typical Politician by Joseph Longo Book Review My Boys and Girls are in There by Patricia H. Worthington Volume LIX, No. 2, […]

Password LVIII, 2014

Password Volume LVIII, Numbers 1-4 from 2014 Volume LVIII, No. 1, Spring 2014 The 60th Anniversary of the El Paso County Historical Society Your President Reports Paul A. Heisig, Jr., 1955 Common Punishments for Common Crimes: The Early Mann Act and Sexual Control at the US-Mexico Borderlands by Grace Pena Delgado El Paso’s 1915 Marihuana […]

Password LVII, 2013

Password Volume LVII, Numbers 1-4 from 2013 Volume LVII, No. 1, Spring 2013 “C” is for Climate: El Paso as a Health Resort, 1880-1940 by Mark Cioc-Ortega El Paso County Historical Society Suggestions for One’s Library or Special Occasions The Hendricks Sanatorium: A Modern Institution for the Treatment of Tuberculosis, Reprint of the Facility Brochure […]

Password LVI, 2012

Password Volume LVI, Numbers 1-4 from 2012 Volume LVI, No. 1, Spring 2012 Aiming for the Skies Over Fort Bliss, The Arrival of the Antiaircraft, 1940 by John Hamilton Charles K. Hamilton: A Bird Man Over the Pass by Esteban Vazquez The Murder of Ernst Kohlberg by Mark Cioc-Ortega and Evelina Ortega Reflections on My […]

Password LV, 2010/2011

Password Volume LV, Numbers 1-4 from 2010/2011 Volume LV, No. 1, Spring 2010/2011 Hall of Honor 2010 Laurance N. Nickey, M.D., E.A.A.P. by Sarah McKnight Richard Moberly Dudley by Judith P. Goggin, Ph.D. Jack Caruthers Vowell, Jr by Albert Haag Building the Plaza Theater and Other Landmarks Remembered by Kurt Goetting From the Archives: History […]

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