Julia Brown Hall of Radford School in 1991.

Lucinda de Leftwich Templin

From “Radford School: The First 75 Years of Excellence” by Laura Cramer, The Password On January 15, 1910, a group of El Paso businessmen met at the Chamber of Commerce. Their purpose in the meeting: to discuss the possibility of establishing a private boarding school for girls. Other meetings followed in rapid succession. And by […]

A Thanksgiving Menu

From  a Loose-leaf notebook with handwritten notes on nutrition, foods, and recipes  that belonged to Helen O’Shea Keleher.1918-1920 Oyster Soup   Celery Roast turkey  Mashed potatoes Crisp chicken Salted almond Cranberry jelly  Onions with cream Chicken Pie Fruit Pudding Cream Sauce Mince and Apple pie Ice Cream Fruit, Nuts, Resins, Bon Bon, Fancy Cake Café Noir […]


Grace Logan: An El Paso Suffragist. by Joseph Longo

Grace Virginia Logan was the first corresponding secretary of the El Paso’s first suffrage league, the El Paso Equal Franchise League. Logan was a leader in the League’s War relief work during WWI and led a campaign to provide magazines and other published materials to soldiers. She represented the El Paso Equal Franchise League at […]

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