Month: October 2017

Little Known Communities of the Lower Valley: Past and Present.

Several of theses communities in El Paso county incorporated expect Belen,because they was afraid  of annexation by El Paso .The Current status of some of theses communities are unknown. Casey was incorporated was  in 1963.  It was east of Clint,included several farms. It had a active local government. The first mayor was Henry A. Beene […]


Edith Halies Healy: Ysleta School and Church Pioneer

Edith Hailes was born in a house on the 600 block of Campbell street, her father was an employee of the Railroads. Edith married Jerry Healy and had 5 children. Edith lived in Odessa for 10 years and was named “Odessa Catholic Mother of the Year.” The Healys bought a house on 7881 Alameda and […]

louise 2

Louise Seymour: The Lady Rancher from Canutillo

Louise Seymour was born in 1900 in Evanson, Indiana. Seymour came to Canutillo after WWII with her brother, Bill. Seymour was interested in the stories of her brothers journey and experiences in the West that came in letters he sent to her. Bill had been stationed at Ft. Bliss during WWII and stayed West, seeking […]

Karma Deane and Her Dance Studio

Karma Deane was a prominent and well-known dancer and instructor in El Paso and throughout the country until her death here in 1959. Deane was born in Waco, Deane came to El Paso at a young age with her mother, Maud in the 1930s. Maud worked with W.W. Westrup in his photography studio and later […]