Month: March 2019

Arelene Quenon

Arlene Quenon: El Paso’s First Woman Elected to City Council

Arlene Stark Quenon was born on October 19, 1934, in Antigo, Wisconsin to a farmer and lumberjack, Jim and his wife, Molly. Quenon’s parents were involved in politics working on political campaigns and her mother was a school board member. Quenon attended two years at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, until she left […]


Marian Bainbridge Collins

Image of Marian Collins courtesy of  The El Paso Herald-Post Historical Files M.S. 348 at UTEP Special Collections Marian Bainbridge Collins was born in Idaho but came to El Paso at a young age. Marian graduated from Coldwell Elementary and Austin High School, and later UTEP.  Marian was married to an attorney named, William Coldwell Collins. Mr […]