Month: January 2018

Iconic “castle house” defined by family, atmosphere

The home at 1201 Cincinnati Ave., known as the “stone castle,” has stood at the location for more than 100 years, providing a spacious and unique home to many families over the decades. Following is a description of the home by Harriot Howze Jones, writing in the El Paso County Historical Society newsletter, Password: “The […]

Fannie Schutz Spitz: Inventor of the first Machine to Shell Pine Nuts for Commercial Use was born in El Paso.

    Fannie S. Spitz was an inventor who patented the first machine to shell pine nuts for commercial used. Fannie Schutz was born in El Paso and was the daughter of Samuel Schutz and Friederike Siebenborn in 1873. Fannie’s cousin, Solomon C. Schutz was a prominent merchant and went on to serve as mayor of El Paso. Fannie traveled and […]