Month: August 2015


People  A Aaronson, Abe Abales, Laura Lee Abraham, F. Murray Adams, William Aguirre, Arturo Aikman, Duncan Ainsa, Evelyn Alarcon, Francisca (Dona Paca) Alarcon,Lorenzo Amstater,Shirlee Anderson, Clyde Applegate, Howard Armendariz, Albert Armstrong,Reba Arny, William Ashley Family Ashley, George Attaway, Alice Aykal, Gurer Aykal, Gus Azar, Suzie B Baca, Edward Baron, David Barron,William Bassett, C.N. Battle, Joe […]


African Americans 1st Black in Area came with Spaniards. Blacks in Military Service Black Soldiers Return to El Paso Henry Flipper   L.A. Nixon Elementary School McCall Center Juneteeth Agriculture Black’s Nursery Cattle Ranching Dairies El Paso Nurserymen Association Lincon Dairy Livestock Show history Ostrich Farm, 1989 Pear Orchards, 1986 Prickly Pear, 1991 Purebred Guernsey herds brought […]