Month: April 2017


The El Paso Mayor’s Race of 1975

In 1974, Mayor Fred Hervey decided not to run for reelection in 1975 and backed  parks and recreation alderman, Don Henderson,who was elected on the Fred Hervey slate of candidates in 1973. Henderson emerged as the front runner . Henderson ran a low key campaign,running on his experience in government and in business. Fiscal Responsibility […]


Photos: Ernst and Olga Kohlberg

Ernst Kohlberg, founder of the first cigar factory in the Southwest, was born in 1857 in Prussia came to El Paso with Solomon C. Schutz in 1875. Kohlberg agreed to work for Schutz, without pay for up to a year, to pay for his passage to Texas. After working for Schutz for eight months, Schutz […]