Month: August 2020

Aultman Scrapbook, misc.

From the Archives: Scrapbooks

Since the founding of the El Paso County Historical Society, our collections have expanded giving the Society a wide variety of subjects for study. The Archives of the El Paso County Historical is composed of documents, photographs, three-dimensional items, maps, scrapbooks, Oral histories, Books, and annuals.  A sampling of these collections are detailed below.    […]

Alice Merchant

Alice Merchant: An El Paso Suffragist by Joseph Longo

Another founding mother of the El Paso Equal Franchise League was Dr. Alice Merchant, who was the first woman doctor in El Paso. She came to El Paso in 1895. Alice Blackadder was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. She graduated from New York Medical College. Merchant practiced in Ysleta and Dallas before coming to El […]


Grace Logan: An El Paso Suffragist. by Joseph Longo

Grace Virginia Logan was the first corresponding secretary of the El Paso’s first suffrage league, the El Paso Equal Franchise League. Logan was a leader in the League’s War relief work during WWI and led a campaign to provide magazines and other published materials to soldiers. She represented the El Paso Equal Franchise League at […]

Traces of Stardom in El Paso: Bessie Love.

Bessie Love(1898-1986)was a famous and successful actress during the silent and early sound film era. She was nominated for her performance in “Broadway Melody” in  1929 for the Academy Award for Best Actress. Love’s career in film, radio, and television lasted for eight decades.  Love also  had an El Paso Connection. Bessie Love was born  […]

Belle Critchett: An El Paso Suffragist

        Belle Critchett: An El Paso Suffragist by Abbie Weiser During the early twentieth century, Belle Christie Ferguson Critchett (March 9, 1867 – January 6, 1956) was one of El Paso’s most important suffrage leaders. In addition to her work advocating for the women’s suffrage, Critchett supported many other progressive era-issues of […]

The El Paso Equal Franchise League, 1915-1920.

The El Paso Equal Franchise League, 1915-1920 By Joseph Longo El Paso’s first women’s suffrage group, the Equal Franchise League, was organized at the Hotel Orndorff on January 12, 1915.[1] One of the early members, Helen Freudenthal explained that she became interested in the cause after attending a suffrage meeting in New York and that […]

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