Month: December 2016


Debbie Reynold’s El Paso Grandmother

The date of this article is August 16, 1954, and it appeared in the  El Paso Herald-Post Debbie Reynolds, Movie Star, Possesses 100 Dresses; Her El Paso Grandmother Helped to Make Some of Them Actress Born Here Earns $1250 Weekly, Saves Money, Lives on Budget, Likes Mexican Food By Virginia Turner Clothes worn by Debbie […]

Pioneer residents of Ysleta.

Jacinto Telles purchased a large amount of land in 1825 from the boundary commission when colonial rule over Mexico was declining. The Telles; including Ramon, Richardo, Juan Cruz, Rafael Telles were among the early Spanish settlers along with Pedro Gonzales, who served as Alcalde(mayor) of Ysleta. His son, Jose Maria Gonzales wielded a lot of influence in Ysleta because […]

Holiday Hours

We will be closed December 26 and open the rest of the week by appointment only. Please email us at to schedule one. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! We will reopen January 3, 2017 at 10am.


The El Paso Mayor Race of 1969

In 1969, Mayor Judson Williams did not seek reelection for a fourth term and resigned before the completion of his term. Peter DeWetter was elected to succeed Williams in 1969. DeWetter came to El Paso in 1951 and started his own storage business. DeWetter was president of Ok Van and Storage Co, El Paso Terminal Warehouse […]


History of Clint Schools

The school was established in Clint in 1886 by the women of the village. A fire burned down the school in 1901. In 1910 a new school building was built. In 1913 and 1921, new schools building replaced each other. Clint got it’s name from Mary Clinton Collins who was one of the earliest settlers […]


History of Fabens schools

Photo Courtesy of the Border Heritage Center at the Main Library.  It is from the  1924 El Paso County School Annual. The first public school opened in 1905, in a one-room building on the Henry Elm Farm. The first public school teacher was John Phelan who taught  12 students. In 1905 the building burned down, but […]


Early Lower Valley Schools: History of Tornillo

It seems that before World War I, Tornillo did not have a permanent public school. In 1916 County Superintendent of Schools Myra Winkler appointed Maren Jensen to teach Tornillo’s youth in an adobe building on a mesquite sand hill. In 1918 Winkler asked Mary Miller, whose brothers worked on Ivey-Dale Farm, to conduct a school […]

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