Month: February 2018

The Empire Club and Gillespie’s Steak House: 1946-1986

  Gillespie Steak House was established in Five Points  in 1946 on 2810 Montana. Gillespie opened the Empire Club in 1959 on 2814 Montana. Gillespie mother,Stella was the manager of the steakhouse. Gillespie also operated Wyoming inn on 916 Wyoming Street, Gillespie’s Chicken House on 2810 N.Copia. The Gillespie Steakhouse was named Gillespie Grill and […]

la tap2

Who Founded La Tapatia Inc?

La Tapatia started as a tortilla factory  in the 1950s, at least  as early as 1953. In 1958, it moved from 9075  Alameda  to 9030 Alameda which is now a tuxedo rental place. It was sold by the original family to the Gus and  Ted Rallis, and Mayor Ray Salazar in 1970. They sold it […]