Month: July 2016

Hotel Paso del Norte, 1912

Hotel Paso del Norte and the Camino Real: El Paso’s Premier Hotel

In July 2016, a city council item was approved to begin creating incentives to renovate the Camino Real Hotel in Downtown El Paso. Using a design by Trost & Trost, the original 10-story edifice was built by Zachary T. White in 1912. The 17-story tower, which is a staple of El Paso’s Downtown skyline, was erected in 1985.

Take a look at some of the photographs we have in our collection of this iconic El Paso hotel.

Parkland High School

Ysleta school History: 1958-1962

In 1958 Scotsdale Elementary was built with Allen Reeves as the first principal. The school was named after the residential area and was built to serve the Scotsdale and Eastwood subdivisions developed in the 1950s. Reeves served as principal until his retirement in 1986 and was succeeded by Billie Kay Harvey. In 1958 South Loop […]


Ysleta’s Booker Villa

The Booker Villa home was built in 1915 by L.E. Booker, a prominent cattleman and lumberman. Booker’s daughter, Blanche, oversaw the designing and construction of the building. Ms. Booker took courses in architectural drawing and went into interior decorating. Blanche, who was a frequent traveler, was described as eccentric but was a good and fun hostess and she hosted a […]