African Americans

1st Black in Area came with Spaniards.
Blacks in Military Service
Black Soldiers Return to El Paso
Henry Flipper 
 L.A. Nixon Elementary School
McCall Center


Black’s Nursery
Cattle Ranching
El Paso Nurserymen Association
Lincon Dairy
Livestock Show history
Ostrich Farm, 1989
Pear Orchards, 1986
Prickly Pear, 1991
Purebred Guernsey herds brought here in 1880s
Rodeo history
Rio Grande Valley
Union Stockyards


Bishop Cap Cave


King, George, 1886
Kneezel, Edward, Ad 1885
Krause, Ernst, Ad 1883
Kroger, Otto P, 1910
Patton, S.E.
Thorman, Otto
Ware, V.E., General Contractor, UTEP


Buchanan, Leanna
Cheek,Nance Alison
Griffin, Fred & Nancy
Hay, Dorothy
Kolliker, William
Osuna Perez, Gloria
Rosas, Carlos
Wolfe, Bassell


Airport construction
Airport Art
Amigo Airshow Hall of Fame
B-24 crash, 1944
B-36, history of
Biggs Army Airfield
Continental Air Lines started in El Paso
Deerman, Ruth
First Round the World Filers land in El Paso
First hijacking
First municipal airport, El Paso
Kubeck, Candi
Lindbergh, Charles
McGregor Range helicopter crash, 1996
OOPS (old obsolete pilots)
Scanned Articles
Space Shuttle Atlantis at Biggs


Coronado State Bank
First Bank of Texas
First National Bank
State National Bank
Union Bank and Trust


1888 Booklet

Bassett Towers
Blount Apartments
Blue Flame Building
Bronson Building
Arcadia 57 Home model
Canyon Hills Homes
Casa Lindas Homes
Calisher and Buckler
Costly Property Sold For a Song
Country Club Model Homes
County Courthouse, Ysleta
County Courthouses

Etta Clark Mansion
Grecian Style
Gold Finch Homes
Federal Reserve Building, Demolition
Hammond House
Hacienda Heights and Hart’s Mill
Historic Buildings, Downtown
Historic Homes, Sunset Heights
Historic Preservation
Indoor Cabin
Gardner House,
Kress Buiding
Kern Place
Liberty Hall
Luxury Homes
Planned Apartments for Margaret Clark.
Spanish Decor Homes
Martin Bldg–Magoffin Home
Mercury 11 Homes
Mills Building
Municipal Golf Course
Residence of Dr. C.H. Neason in Austin Terrace 
Schwarz-Zork Residence
State National Bank Building
Tillie Howard Property
Toltec Building
Two Republics Building
White Pickrell Bldg

Burges Family

Burges House history
Burges Family Bible
Burges, Shelton


Acme Laundry
Adelvino’s Desert Crossing 
Albert Mathias & Co
American Furniture Co.
Ange-Arizona Tea Room
Arbuckles Coffee advertisement
Bassett Center
Bolton’s Cafe
Bolling Bakery
Border Steel Company
Mrs Borradalie’s Millinery Shop
Bieganowski Cellars
Canton Cafe
Clifford Bros
Chris Fox Transfer Company
Coney Island Saloon
Coronado Cleaning Center
Cortez Beauty Salon
\Dyer Drug Co
Dusang Furniture Repair
Eating Establishments Listing
El Paso Electric Co
Farmers Dairy
Fishbein Clothes
Five Points Garage
Franklin Bowling
Gaibraith Steel and Supply Company

Gillespie’s Green Room
Gillett’s Dairy advertisement
Harley Davidson officials visit El Paso 1922
Harvey House 
Hawkins Dairy
Herald Post
Hervey Water Treatment Plant
Hole in the Wall
Hollywood Cafe
Hotel Camino Real
Hotel Cortez
Hotel Gardner
Hotel Paso del Norte
Hotel Regis 
Hotel Sheldon
Hotel Sheldon
Hotel St. Regis fire
Houser Flooring Company
House Sitters of El Paso
Imperial Furniture 
Irvin Drug Store
Leon Liquor Shop
Little Place Cafe
Jennie’s Beauty Shop
Jennie’s Beauty Shop
Kahns Bakery
KCOS Quadracentennial Minutes
La Hacienda
La Tapatia Cafe
Legion Club Bar
Leon Liquor Store
Licon Dairy
Link Restaurant advertisement
Little’s Cafe
Little Theater
Nacho’s Mexican Restaurant 
Mama Tree Restaurant 
Manhattan Beauty Shop
Manhattan Drug Company
Mannequin Manor
Martha Washington Candy Store
Mills Dining Room
Momsen and Thorne advertisement
Montwood Mall
Moon Grocery
Mundy’s Butcher’s Shop
Myar Opera House
Newspaper archives
Onzell Beauty Shop
Patio Gift Shop
Patterson Apartments
People’s Drug Store
Popular Department Store closes
Price’s Dairy auction
Ritz Beer Depot
Self’s Beauty Salon
Shorty’s Cafe
Sorrentos Italian Restaurants
Spann Tourist Cafe
Spears and Miller Ice Company
Striping Restoration
State National Bank
Tec Sun Service Station
Tippi Motor Company
Tri-State Equipment Company
Tri State Music  Company
Wagner Realty 
Watkins Motor Company
Walter  Pofahl’s Service Station
Warner’s Pharmacy
Weber Showcase and Fixture
Weeks Roofing Company
Western Playland
Wyoming Inn
Vallee Cafe
Yandell Inn


Historic Business(Broadway Stores, Central Market, and  General mercantile.)


400 Years Cultivation of El Paso
B’nai Zion
Daughters of Charity, 350 Year Coin
El Paso Dioceses, A Brief Account
El Paso Dioceses, Coat of Arms
First Baptist Church, History
Listing of church locations
Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
Mountain View, 35th Anniversary
Rabbi Friedman, 1897
Sacred Heart Statue
Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Monastery
St. Anthony’s Seminary
St. Clement’s Mission, Founded 1870
St. Clement’s 25th Anniversary
St. Clement’s 90th Anniversary
San Miguel Church Rebuilt
San Pablo Lutheran Church
Second Baptist Church, 97th Anniversary
Socorro Mission
United Methodist Church, Estela Ibarra
Vista Ysleta United Methodist Church
The Queen by Cleofas Calleros
Zion Lutheran Church

Clubs and Organizations

Alliance Francaise d’ El Paso
Anthony Country Club
Assistance League, Anniversary
Chinese Benevolent Society of El Paso
Colonial Dames
Dona Ana County Historical Society
El Maida Shrine
El Paso Colored Club
El Paso Country Club
El Paso Heritage Foundation
El Paso Planned Parenthood
El Paso Women’s Club
El Paso Symphony, 1979
Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts History
History of Charity Organizations
Jewish Women’s Relief Society
Masonic Lodge 130
Mayor’s El Paso Heritage Committee
McGinty Club
McGinty Club Rainmakers
Mount Franklin Country Club
Pioneer Association
Pioneer Association, history
Pioneer Women’s Association
Quien Sabe Club
Red Cross
Scottish Rite, Order of the de Molay
Scottish Rite Temple, membership
Women Civic Improvement League
Ysleta Country Club
Ysleta Rough Riders

Columbus, N.M.

75th anniversary program
Army Mexican Service Badge
Army Motor Transport
Columbus N.M. pamphlet
Last mounted Charge of the US Cavalry
Pancho Villa’s Raid, 1989
Sleepy Town Took Little Note of Planned Raid
Soldiers and civilians killed in raid
Villa raid, U.S. Cavalry association
Villa raid revisited, 1991


1886 City and County Government
A Bird’s Eye View Map and Info
Chihuahua Street Corridor, Historical Map
Construction of Oregon Street
Plaza Theatre
Texas Street

El Paso County Historical Society

1988 History Week
1978 Tour of Homes
1982 Tour of Homes retyped by Richard Field
1991 Tour of Homes
2000 Tour of Homes.
2001 Tour of Homes
2002 Tour of Homes
Tour of Homes Clippings Compiled by Richard Field 
Dolly Dingle Tea Party

Government and Politics

1970 County Commissioner Democratic Primary election
El Paso County Detention Home
El Paso Mayors
El Paso County Judges
El Pas Police Chiefs

General History

1889 El Paso pouplation
400 year Cultivation of El Paso
1909 Automobile trip, El Paso-California
African-Americans added to police force
The assassination of Pancho Villa
Austin Street Viaduct
Automobile, First in El Paso
Battle of Glorieta Pass
Battle of Puebla
Battle of San Jacinto
Bird’s Eye View, Augustus Koch, information
Bloomers, an issue in 1890
Border Patrol, 1930s
Boy with the Book Statue
Cardiff Giant
camels ships of the desert
Carnegie Library
Chinese In El Paso
Cinco de Mayo
City Charter Commission Members
City Sells Two Streets
City Stole County Seat
County Boundary Survey
County records, color system apposed
Courthouse, history
Courthouse scam, 1885
Crazy Cat Mountain
Custom Collectors, roster and history
General Doniphan
EP&SW Train Depot
Election Record
Fall Guy by Leon Metz
Father Rahm Street
First Electric Car in El Paso
First City Fire Department
Fire Department, 1882-1972
Famous Folks from El Paso -Article by El Paso Times Tish Long
Ford-Neighbors Trail
Franklin Mountains State Park
Gators Are Old-Timers
Hill and Hills Streets
Historical Markers, El Paso
Ignace Jan Paderewski, El Paso High Piano
Jefferson Davis Highway
Jewish Families of El Paso
Joe Brown’s murder trial
Kentucky Derby and El Paso
Leo’s Restaurant
Magoffin Home purchase
McGinty Cannon
Medical history, early El Paso
Mesa Road
northeast corner of overland and south Stanton (clipping with a photo from 1951)
Newspaper Tree
Old Mexican Consulate Building
Rosa’s Cantina
Saddle Makers
Senor Abraham Lincoln
Standoff at Hueco Tanks, Kiowa Indians
Stanton Street Bridge
Street Names
Street Car Buses
Texas Songs
Texas Street
Wedding Traditions on the Border
Wilson Road
Women’s Fashion
Young Heroes Defend Mexico


Diablo Hosptial
Dr. J. Shelton Horsley
 El Paso Hosptials listing 1896-1999
Hotel Dieu
Rolston Hosptial
St. Jude Center
Smelter Hospital
Ysleta General Hosptial 

Historical Markers

St Mary’s  Chapel


Chevron Pipeline
El Paso Natural Gas layoffs
Frisco SP Railroad route
Valley Bartlett Pear Association
Kohlberg Cigars
Standard Oli Company
Ysleta-Sonora Mining Company

Literature, Short Stories, Verse, and Poetry

the W.C.

Lower Valley

Baptist Spanish Publishing House
Catholicism by Father Ernest J. Burrus
Civic Pride
Old San Eli Jail
Old San Elizario, Salt War, finest wines
Postmark, End of Ysleta’s postmark
Pueblos, Adobe, and El Paso’s Mission Trail
Viceregal Mansion
What’s in a name, San Elizario
Valley Inn
Ysleta, A Short History
Ysleta, Named county seat

Mexican Revolution

Bliss booms
Dr. Bush, cannon
Juana Gallo
Memories of the Militia, 1916
Mexican Revolution Comes to Juarez
Punitive Expedition
Punitive Expedition, Charge at Carrizal
Sites of Mexican Revolution in Juarez
Tennessee National Guard, 1916-1917
Villa Invasion of Columbus by A William Ford


Antiaircraft, El Paso
Army Filibusters by Leon Metz
Bataan Death March
Bliss, Capt. William
Bradley, Gen. Omar N.
Bradley, Gen. Omar N., 87th Birthday
British Bombers at Biggs
Camel Corps, 1855
Camp Boyd, El Paso
Castro, Felipe Colomo, 2009
Doniphan, Col., Arrives in El Paso
El Paso Honors Memory of Heroes
Ellington Air Force Base
Ft. Bliss for Sale
Ft. Bliss Helped Change El Paso
Ft. Bliss History, 1966
Ft. Bliss National Cemetery
Ft. Bliss Replica
Ft. Filmore, NM
Ft. Quitman, TX
Forts of New Mexico
German POW Camp, Ysleta
Hart’s Mill
Historic Military Posts of Southern Arizona
Mexico in WWII
Mills, Gen. Emmett, Monument
Mills, W.W., Civil War
Military Installations of New Mexico
Normandy Neighborhood, El Paso
Old Ft. Bliss
Post Buys Old Hotel
Roving sands 1996
San Patricio Brigade
V2 Rocket Lands in Juarez
War Memorial Dedication
White Sands at a Glance, 1979
Women in the Military
WWII Articles


El Paso Mission Trail
Map of Missions and Presidios in Texas
Missions of New Mexico
Mission Valley
Presidio of San Elizario
San Elizario Church
Ysleta Mission
Ysleta Mission, A short history
Ysleta Mission by Father Ernest J. Burrus
Ysleta Mission, Mystery solved

Monuments and Statues

Boy with Boot
Cavalry Man statue


Black Range Museum by Eve Simmons
Border Patrol Museum
Bullfighting Museum
Cavalry Museum
Opening of the Calvary Museum
Centennial Museum
El Paso Museum of History
El Paso Public Library
Fort Bliss Museum
Holocaust Museum
International Museum
Pioneer Room
War Eagles Museum


Cotton Addition
Government Hills
Eastwood Heights Subdivision 
Kern Place
Kern Place Arch
La Mesa, Rim Road
Magoffin Historical District
Manhattan Heights
Mountain View
New Subdivisions 1973(includes Sierra Del Sol, Chaparral Park, Pebble Hills, and Glenwood Park)
Park Foothills
Ranchland Hills
Residence of  S.H. Sutherland in Government Hill 1916
Residence of   Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Kerr in Manhattan Heights 1916
Richmar Subdivision
Rim-University Neighborhood Plan
Socorro, Mesilla Valley
Stormsville, Rim Road
Sunrise Acres
Sunset Heights
Sunset Heights( clipping of early photo from 1890)
Sunset Heights, Satterthewait
Sunset Heights, Satterthewait
Sunset Heights, Turtle House
Sunset Heights, Triangle Property
Sunset Heights Tour of Homes
Sunset Heights
Sunset Palace, 902 N. El Paso Street
Tobin Place
Valley Community Center

New Mexico

Belen, NM
Billy the Kid
Christmas Eve in Kingston, 1882
Cloudcroft, NM
Ghost Towns
Hayes, First Presidential Visit
Hillsboro, NM
Hillsboro, Murder Trial
Hope, NM
Jean Baptiste Lamy
Las Cruces, History of the Name
Las Cruces, Incorporation
Las Cruces, John Miller House
Lincoln, NM
Lincoln County war, 2 sides
Marcy Hill, Fort Ruins
Mesilla Times
Mogollons, NM
New Mexico, Civil War
New Mexico, Civil War Letter
New Mexico Place Names
Nuestra Senora de la Candalaria
Old Mesilla
Old Ranch Houses
Oldest House in the US
Orogrande, Boom Days
Orogrande, Era of Wealth
Orogrande, Martha De Arman
Orogrande, Raley Family Feud
Outlaw ‘Coal Oil Jimmy’
Pancho Villa State Park
Pilar, NM
Roswell, C.D. Bonney
Ruidoso, NM
St. Genevieve’s Chapel
Shakespeare, NM
Shalam Colony
Steins, NM
Sunland Park, NM
Tale of the Telegrapher
Taos, NM
Where the Buffalo Roam

Old West

4 Dead in 5 Seconds
Bass Outlaw
Billy the Kid
Buffalo vs Bull
Butterfield Trail
Chihuahua Massacre
Dallas Stoudemire
Doc Holiday
Fashion saloon, First Electric Light in EP
Gambling by Leon Metz
Gem Saloon Shootout
Gunfights Common in City
Reformers vs Saloon Men
Salt War
Salt War by Leon Metz
Villa Raid, Lordburg NM


 Parks in El Paso
Athletic Park
Buckler Square
Calendar Park
Cleveland Square
Franklin Mountains State Park
Hueco Tanks
McKelligon Canyon
Mesa Gardens
Monument No. 1, photos
Municipal Rose Gardens
Pioneer Plaza
San Jacinto Plaza, Clock
San Jacinto Plaza, Time Capsule
Washington Park
1895 Washington park

Pancho Villa

Did Vlla Ride Mule, Lead Raid?
La Cabeza De Villa
Villa Skull Still A Mystery


Americas High School
Ascarate Elementary
Austin High School
Bel Air High School
Bel Air Junior High School
Bonham Elementary
Bowie High School, Monument
Burnet School
Cadwallader Elementary School
Canutillo Elementary
Canyon Hills Middle School
Central School, Photo
Clint Schools
Constance Hulbert Elementary
County Schools
Crosby and Bliss Elementary 
Crockett Elementary School
Del Norte Elementary 
Desertarie Elementary
Douglass School
Dudley Elementry
Eastpoint, Mesa vesta, and Pasodale Elementary
Eastwood High School Canon
Eastwood High School
Eastwood Heights Elementary
El Paso High, 1929 Alumni
El Paso High, Deed
El Paso High, Stadium 1987
El Paso High, Trost
Fabens Schools
Grandview Public School
Hacienda Heights Elementary
Hillcrest Middle School Closes
Hughey School
J.M. Hanks, Dedication Announcement
J.M. Hanks High School
Jefferson High School
Loretto Academy
Mesa/Bailey School
Morehead School
Myra Winkler/Travis Elementary
Polk Elementary, Dedication
Radford School
Radford School, Lucinda Templin
Ranchland Hills
Riverside Elementary School
Riverside High School
Riverside Junior High School
School Deeds Kept for Record
School Names
Socorro Schools
Thomas Manor Elementary
Tornillo Schools
Tri State Beauty School
Tri State Beauty School
Vilas School
Ysleta School District
Ysleta Junior High
Ysleta School District student population 1975
Ysleta School District Bond Election 1982


Andres Chavez Home, Theatre
Casa Ortiz

Solar Energy

A Chronicle of Solar Photovoltaics in the West Texas Town of El Paso 


El Paso and the New Southwest
Hunt’s Hole, Kilbourne Hole
Lost Architecture of Rio Grande Borderlands, Review
Merry Christmas Amigos, Poem
Mexican National Fair, Joint Promotion
The Midwife: Choices for Border Women
The Prairie Traveler
U.S.-Mexico War
Victorio’s Lost Gold
Wedding Traditions on the Boarder


Barbed Wire
Bell Ranch
Bowen Ranch
Country Music

Spanish Era

Earliest El Paso Immigrants Wanted Out
Indians Built Abo Mission
Coronado, In the Tracks of
Coronado Pubelo-Hopped In Seven Cities Search
Hidden Treasures
New Mexico’s Days As A Spanish Colony
Spaniards Founded First Post Near El Paso, 1862
Twelve Travelers


All El Paso Oltimers Basketball Team
Bike Races
Bowling Becomes Popular in El Paso
Boxing: Fitzsimmons vs Maher
Boxing: Primo Carnera
Charley Brown, 1957
Cavalrymen vs Cowboys
Diablos Win Last Game at Dudley Dome
Garry Owen
Livestock Show, 30 Years
Margaret Varner Bloss
Tellotis Bowling Alley
Women in Golf, 1933

World War II

 The Battle  for Guadalcanal 

Virginia Turner Articles

Anson Mills Lays Out a Town, Renames a City
Ben Dowell becomes First Mayor
Early Hospitals

Since 1954 the El Paso County Historical Society has been a driving force in the historic scene of El Paso. EPCHS strives to foster research into the history of the El Paso area; acquire and make available to the public historic materials; publish and encourage historical writing pertaining to the area; and to develop public consciousness of our rich heritage.