Password XXIII, 1978

Password Volume XXIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1978

Volume XXIII, No. 1, Spring 1978

El Paso’s Splendid Little War by Garna L. Christian
On the Border-Car Thievery in the 30’s by Chris P. Fox

Historical Memories Contest

My First Job by E.R. Bowman

Book Reviews

Mangan: The Pipeliners, El Paso Natural Gas Company
Peterson and Knoles: Pancho Villa, Intimate Recollections by People Who Knew Him
Irby: Backdoor to Bagdad
Sarber and Binion: Photographs from the Border

Volume XXIII, No. 2, Summer 1978

The Montezuma Times by Nancy Hamilton
Pancho Villa Made Me an American Citizen by Lettie Bazan

Historical Memories Contest

A Mysterious Little Monoplane by Elma Norman

Book Reviews

El Paso City Planning Department: El Paso’s Forgotten Past
Jones: Forty Years Among the Indians

Volume XXIII, No. 3, Fall 1978

Rails to the Pass of the North by Edward A. Leonard
E.P.M.S., A Biographical Note of Elsie Pomery McElroy Slater by John M. Slater, Edited by Winifred M. Middagh

Historical Memories Contest

The Spies by Herminia C.Gonzalez
A Total Eclipse of the Sun by Harriot Howze Jones

Book Reviews

Holden: Teresita
Puckett: Ramon Ortiz, Priest and Patriot
Crampton: The Zunis of Cibola

Volume XXIII, No. 4, Winter 1978

Joseph Magoffin Materials in the Juarez Archives by W.H. Timmons
Mission Heritage Association of El Paso by Leon C. Metz
The Forgotten Site of Fort Bliss by Millard G. McKinney

Book Reviews

Perkins: Border Patrol
Murphy: Anti-Slavery in the Southwest-William C. Kephart’s Mission to New Mexico
Brady: The Paradox of Pancho Villa
Martinez: Border Boomtown, Ciudad Juarez Since 1948.

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