Password XVIII, 1983

Password Volume XXVIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1983

Volume XXVIII, No. 1, Spring 1983

Tinaja de las Palmas by Wayne R. Austerman
Father’s Trip West compiled by Chester Lumpkins
Bird’s Eve View of El Paso, Circa, 1885 by Millard G. McKinneyA Boarding House Saga by Laura Scott Meyers

Historical Memories Contest

The House with Peace by John Aguirre, Magoffin School
The El Paso Brick Company from Past to Present by Lorena Rodriguez, Magoffin School
The Butterfield Overland stage Company and El Paso by Dawna Hubert, Eastwood Middle School

Book Reviews

Garcia, Desert Immigrants: The Mexicans of El Paso 1880-1920
Ruiz, The Great Rebellion: Mexico, 1905-1924
Morgan and Morgan, eds., Oklahoma: New Views of the Forty-Sixth State
Sonnichsen, Tucson: The Life and Times of an American City

Volume XXVIII, No. 2, Summer 1983

Eugene Cunningham and the El Paso Southwest by Carol Ann Price
East Meets west: El Pasoans of Chinese Descent by Willard G. Brooks
The Times-One Hundred Years Ago by Jay Smith
El Paso County Historical Commission by Catherine Kistenmacher
Recuerdos by Gerald X. Fitzgerald
Museum Notes by Barbara J. Ardus

Book Reviews

Luckingham, The Urban Southwest, Adams Ed., Peeks at the Past: Personal Memories of Ninety-Eight Persons
Vinson and Kirkpatric, eds., Twentieth Century Western Writers
Weigle and Flore, Santa Fe and Taos: The Writer’s Era, 1916-1941 and Reeve, Santa Fe and Taos 1898-1942, An American Cultural Center
Keleher, Turmoil in New Mexico
Stoddard and others, eds., Borderlands Sourcebook: A Guide to the Literature on Northern New Mexico and the American Southwest

Volume XXVIII, No. 3, Fall 1983

Town and Gown: The Early Years by Nancy Hamilton
The Church of Ysleta-Recent Documentary Discoveries by William H. Timmons
Mama De’s Vision by Betsy Hagans
The View from the Second Ward by Salvador Ballinas
The Times-One Hundred Years Ago by Jay Smith
Bottle Talk by Rebecca T. Garrett

Book Reviews

Fehrenbach, Seven Keys to Texas
Stoller and Steele, eds., diary of the Jesuit Residence of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
Benner, Sul Ross: Soldier, Statesman, Educator
Lockwood, ed., Apaches and Longhorns

Volume XXVIII, No. 4, Winter 1983

Hall of Honor Banquet
ALL ABOARD! The Interurban to El Paso High, 1913-1917 by Martha Patterson Peterson
Return to the Jornada by Wayne R. Austerman
The Case of the Missing Documents by Bud Newman
The Times-One Hundred Years Ago by Jay Smith
Wilderness Park Museum: Your Window on Our Yesterdays by Alex Apostolides
Central Chapel One at Fort Bliss by Charles J. Brandt

Book Reviews

Malone, Women on the Texas Frontier
Murphy, Lucien Bonaparte Maxwell: Napoleon of the Southwest
Davis, El Gringo: New Mexico and Her People

Since 1954 the El Paso County Historical Society has been a driving force in the historic scene of El Paso. EPCHS strives to foster research into the history of the El Paso area; acquire and make available to the public historic materials; publish and encourage historical writing pertaining to the area; and to develop public consciousness of our rich heritage.