Password XIX, 1974

Password Volume XIX, Numbers 1-4 from 1974

Volume XIX, No. 1. Spring 1974

Memories: El Paso High School Sixty Years Ago by I.B. Goodman
Title Cloud Over the Texas Capitol by J.J. Bowden
A Replacement’s Walk Down the Santa Fe Trail by Russel W. Van Norman

Book Reviews

Porter, San Elizario: A History
Ray, Marvin Jones Memoirs

Volume XIX, No. 2. Summer 1974

Nana’s Raid of 1881 by Harold Miller
Captain George M. Frazer’s Arizona Rangers, C.S.A. by Martin Hardwick Hall
Camerone-A Wee Bit of Franco-Mexican History by Eugene O. Porter
Across Northern Mexico with Wislizenus Notes by Eugene O. Porter (part 1 of 3)

History Writing Contest

Hueco Tanks Rock Art-A Story of ur Past by Kathleen M. Davis

Book Reviews

Metz, Pat Garrett: The Story of a Western Lawman
Burns, Josephine Clardy Fox
Richards, The Gunfight at Blazer’s Mill

Volume XIX, No. 3, Fall 1974

The Drummer’s Special by Chris P. Fox
He Called Himself D by Eugene O. Porter
In Skagway They Still Remember Pete Kern by Conrey Bryson
AcrossNorthern Mexico with Wislizenus Notes by Eugene O. Porter (part 2 of 3)

Book Reviews

Thrapp, Juh: Incredible Indian
Watkins, God Painted a Picture and Called it the World
Applegate & Hanselka, La Junta de los Rios del Norte y Conchos

Volume XIX, No. 4, Winter 1974

Hall of Honor Address: All Our Yesterdays by Conrey Bryson
Tribute to Joseph Magoffin by C. Leland Sonnischsen
Tribute to Jose Cisneros by J. Carl Hertzog
The Buried Treasure of Chief Victorio by Leon Denny Moses
The Genesis of New Fort Bliss by George Ruhlen

Book Reviews

Hooten, Fifty-Two Years a Newsman
Bryson, Dr. Lawrence A. Nixon and the White Primary
Niethammer, American Indian Food and Lore
Wright, ed., The Confederate Letters of Benjamin H. Freeman

Since 1954 the El Paso County Historical Society has been a driving force in the historic scene of El Paso. EPCHS strives to foster research into the history of the El Paso area; acquire and make available to the public historic materials; publish and encourage historical writing pertaining to the area; and to develop public consciousness of our rich heritage.