Password XXXV, 1990

Password Volume XXXV, Numbers 1-4 from 1990

Volume XXXV, No. 1, Spring 1990

Forgotten Color: Black Families in Early El Paso by Charlotte Ivy
The Ordeal of Jane Adeline Wilson by Wayne R. Austerman
The El Paso Medical Center by Henry D. Garrett, M.D.
The News at the Pass-One Centry Ago by Damon Garben
The valentine by Mary Bowling
Tragedy in Smeltertown by Art Leibson
Paso del Norte, 1883-As a New Yorker Saw It by Emilia Gay Griffith Means

Volume XXXV, No. 2, Summer 1990

The Secret Legacy of Christophr Columbus in the Southwest by Frances Hernandez
In the Interest of a Historic District by Kenneth K. Baley
The Sunday Furies by Katherine Coldwell
The Bestial Murder of the Frome Women by Art Leibson
Four Generations in the Wild West: The story of Dr. L.M. Breck and His Descendants by Louis W. Breck, M.D.
The News at the Pass-One Centry Ago (April-June, 1890) by Damon Garbern
A Man Named Aoy by Conrey Bryson

Volume XXXV, No. 3, Fall 1990

Manhattan Heights: How a Neighborhood Became a Historic District Listed on the National Register of Historic Places by Una B. Hill
Hall of Honor 1990:
Tribute to William Henry fryer by John B. Luscombe, Jr.
Tribute to Willard Warren Schuessler, M.D. by Gordon L. Black, M.D.
Above and Beyond…African-American Missourians of Colonel Alexander Doniphan’s Expedition by Phillip Thomas Tucker
The Mugging and Demurer of Newsmen Heaton an MacNeil by Art Leibson
The First Fifty Years: The El Paso Tennis Club, 1921-1971 by Robert W. Phillips
The News at the Pass-One Century Ago by Damon Garben

Volume XXXV, No. 4, Winter 1990

Dr. Mariano Samaniego, Citizen of the El Paso Valley by Manuel G. Gonzales
Cavalryman vs Cowboy by Thelma Cox Knoles and Jessie-Peterson
Historic Preservation, A Matter of Common Sense by John R. Karr
Accounts of Travels Through the Pass of the North 1580-1880 by Cynthia Farah
The News at the Pass-One Centry Ago by damon Garbern
Ambush at Cowboy Park by Art Liebson
Extra-Curricular adventures: A Letter from Maren Jensen Oechsner

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