Password LX, 2016

Password Volume LX, Numbers 1-4 from 2016

Volume LX, No. 1, Spring 2016

Spence v. Fletcher: The Case That Killed Legalized Prostitution in Texas by Ken Jackson
The Story of J. Manuel Escajeda and the Link between Duke University, World War I, El Paso, and the University of Virginia by the Honorable Alberto F. Trevino, Jr.
Early El Paso Women Political pioneers: 1912-1952 by Joseph Longo
Power Lines: Phoenix and the Making of the Modern Southwest by Abbie Weiser

Book Review

Advocates for the Oppressed: Hispanos, Indians, Genizaros, and their Land in New Mexico by Adrian Morales

Volume LX, No. 2, Summer 2016

Fear and Terror on the Border: Why the Ku Klux Klan Was Not Able to Maintain Its Presence in El Paso, Texas, 1921-1924 by Patrick Driscoll

Death on the Calle del Diablo: The Killing of “El Pablote” and the Birth of the Narcocorrido by Bob Chessey

Volume LX, No. 3, Fall 2016

The El Paso Branch of the 1923 and 1929 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People by Will Guzman
Relocation the School of Mines by P.J. Vierra
UTEP: A Dynamic Force in El Paso’s Cultural Heritage by Cristina Casas Palmer

Volume LX, No. 4, Winter 2016

Mexican Americans and a white Racial Identity by Raul Isai Munoz
A New View of the Baylor/Keller Killing by Dr. Cristina Casas Palmer


Since 1954 the El Paso County Historical Society has been a driving force in the historic scene of El Paso. EPCHS strives to foster research into the history of the El Paso area; acquire and make available to the public historic materials; publish and encourage historical writing pertaining to the area; and to develop public consciousness of our rich heritage.