Password XLIII, 1998

Password Volume XLIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1998

Volume XLIII, No. 1, Spring 1998

John Potts of Chihuahua by R.B. Brown
Tribute to Frank Dr. Walter Vilas by Patrick Rand
Tribute to Ellis O. Mayfield by Frank McKnight
Johnny Gringo at the Pass of the North by John Porter Bloom
An Old-Fashioned Christmas by Marilyn Gross
Born in Old El Paso by Joe Macias
The Bottle Club by Carlisle Coldwell Navidomskis

Volume XLIII, No. 2, Summer 1998

Brazito Remembered-One Hundred Fifty Years Ago: Another Look by Enrique T. Vasquez
El Paso’s Lost Colony by Albert Quilin
Porter Award
Down the Santa Fe Trail and Into Mexico: 1846-1847, Susan Shelby Magoffin by M.C. Gross
Unidentified Photographs

Book Reviews

Simmons, Mark. Massacre on the Lordsburg Road by John R. Moore
Robinson, Charles. The Indian Trail: Complete Story of the Wagon Train Massacre and the Fall of the Kiowa Nation by John R. Moore
Sansom, Andrew. Texas Past: Enduring Legacy by Clinton Hartman
Poling-Kemps, Lesley. Valley of Shining Stone: The Story of Abiquiu by Rebecca Craver

Volume XLIII, No. 3, Fall 1998

From San Antonio to El Paso in 1849 by Clinton P. Hartmann
Hall of Honor
Tribute to Major Jefferson Van Horne by Evan Haywood Antone
Tribute to Dr. Diana Natalicio by Evan Haywood Antone
Horses, Polo, and the Cavalry Define the Life of this Great American by Capt. Kevin L. Harris
A Profile of Ysleta in 1841 by Nancy Hamilton
Sweeney, Woodlawn, Whistle, Nesbitt, and Pepsi by William W. Lockhart

Volume XLIII, No. 4, Winter 1998

The Legacy of Captain Alonso Garcia I by Victor M. Guzman Garcia
Don Santiago Magoffin by Robert W. Miles
One Weekend in 1944 by Mardee Belding De Wetter

Book Reviews

Hughes, John Taylor, Doniphan’s Expedition: An Account of Conquest of Mexico, by Brad Cartwright
Elliott, Richard Smith. Edited and annotated by Nark L. Gardner and Marc Simmons. The Mexican War Correspondence of Richard Smith Elliott by Brad Cartwright
Editors David R. Maciel and Maria Herrera Sobek. Cultures across Borders: Mexican Immigration and Popular Culture by Yolanda Chavez Leyva
Bode, Elroy. Home Country: An Elroy Bode Reader by Fred MacVaughn

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