The Incorporation of Anthony, Texas

In 1952 residents of the Upper Valley community of Anthony, Texas  voted to incorporate. That was the start of the town of Anthony. Anthony  was also referred to as La Tuna, probably because of the construction of the La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution.

One of the motivations for incorporation of Anthony was to have their own school district. Anthony was part of the Vinton Common School District until residents voted to create their own school district, and the Anthony Independent School District was born. Anthony residents were not happy with the Vinton Common School Board. The majority of the residents in that district were from Canutillo and wanted to use school bonds in their area, and voted to fund schools in Canutillo. They did not listen to Anthony residents who wanted a school of their own.Anthony residents also did not want their children to attend Lone Star School in Canutillo.

When Anthony went to the polls they elected Conrad Barrett, owner of  Barrett Motor Company, as the city’s first’s mayor. Lillie Preston, Hudson Hall, Hulbert Health, Emory White, and Carl Black were elected aldermen. Joe Holt was the first City Marshall. Black succeeded Barrett as mayor in 1957 and was succeeded by LE. Aldridge in 1961.  The Vinton Common Schools District became part of Canutillo Independent School District in 1959.

Joseph Longo

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