Actress Gingers Rogers visits El Paso

Ginger Rogers, the legendary actress, came to El Paso on September 25,1942 to sell war bonds. She talked to a crowd of 3000 at the old Liberty Hall as a part a  big war bond campaign during WWII. She refused to talk about movies or her career, instead, she wanted to focus on selling as many war bonds as she could in El Paso. She came off the train from San Antonio being met by Karl Wyler, Manger of KTSM; John Paxson, a theater executive and others at a penthouse at the old Hilton hotel.  She met with the war bonds committee and was  given a memo that said there were five million worth of war bonds collected in El Paso. While in El Paso, Rogers also met with representatives from Ft. Bliss, including officers from Biggs Field.

Joseph Longo

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