Password II, 1957

Password Volume II, Numbers 1-4 from 1957

Volume II, No. 1, Spring 1957

Brazito-The Only Battle in the Southwest Between American and Foreign Troops (part one of two) by George Ruhlen
Pacho Villa’s Gold by Haldeen Braddy

Record of a Land Survey in the Jurisdiction of Chihuahua by Luis Perez O

Book Reviews

Priestley and Hawkes, Journey Down a Rainbow, by Laura Scott Meyers
Calleros with Graham, El Paso-Then and Now, by Robert M. Zingg

Volume II, No. 2, Summer 1957

Major McMullen’s Invasion of Mexico by C.L. Sonnichsen
The World Was Their Oyster-Fine Eating In Early El Paso by Helen Whitener Somerville
The Battle of Brazito-Where Was It Fought? (part two of two parts) by George Ruhlen
El Paso as Seen by Fanny Chambers Gooch by Chester Hal Chambers

Book Reviews

Denny, A Century of Freemasonry at El Paso, by Eugene O. Porter
Hunt, Cap Mossman, Last of the Great Cowmen, by Joseph Leach

Volume II, No. 3, Fall 1957

Editor Cutting’s “War” With Mexico by John Middagh
The Centennial of a Locomotive by Adolph A. Stoy
The Apaches by Albion Smith
Light Artillery at the Pass of the North by Richard K. McMaster
The Jackass Trail by Emily Chase Giddings and Emmie Wheatley Mahon

Book Reviews

Bachmann and Wallace, The Land Between, by Eugene O. Porter
MacCorkle and Smith, Texas Government, by Daniel A. Connor

Volume II, No. 4, Winter 1957

The Beginning and Development of Irrigation in the El Paso Valley by Alice White
Simeon Harrison Newman-The Fighting Editor of the Lone Star by John J. Middagh
El Chato’s Buried Treasure by Eugene O. Porter

Book Reviews

Wallace, Destiny and Glory, by John P. Bloom
Westermeir, Trailing the Cowboy, By Albion Smith
Leftwich, Tracks Along the Pecos, by Mary Ellen B. Porter

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