Curator Corner: Dedication of J.M. Hanks High School

While I was archiving some material into our Pass Perfect  Archive Database, I found the Dedication and Open House program for J.M. Hanks High School on 2001 Lee Trevino Dr. The high school was established in 1978  and  it started off as a junior high school. The first  graduating class was in 1982. The actual building was completed and opened in 1980. The first principal was Arturo Peralta. I am a graduate of the school and my dad was one of the first faculty members, he taught history at Hanks and Eastwood High Schools for 38 years. The school was named after the first superintendent of Ysleta Independent School District, J.M. Hanks. The library was renamed after Charles Duncan, a beloved history teacher, who made learning about history fun for his students.

Joseph Longo

EPHS Curator

Since 1954 the El Paso County Historical Society has been a driving force in the historic scene of El Paso. EPCHS strives to foster research into the history of the El Paso area; acquire and make available to the public historic materials; publish and encourage historical writing pertaining to the area; and to develop public consciousness of our rich heritage.