Alice Holder: El Paso Pioneer Business Woman

Alice Holder was named Realtor of the Year in 1973 by the El Paso Realtor Board. Holder got in the real estate business after the death of her husband. Holder worked in a prominent El Paso real estate firm then opened her own reality firm in 1964. Holder first office was at the Executive Center and then she opened another branch at Chelmont Center. Holder was one of the most successful real estate agents in town. Holder was joined in the business by her son.

Holder was raised on a ranch outside of Mineral Fall, Texas. She attended North State Teacher’s College and taught before her marriage to her husband who was a doctor. Holder was a federation chair for the El Paso Lower Valley Women’s Club, active in the PTA and the Lower Valley Garden Club, chaired the Women’s Club Book Club, and was active in the First Christian Church and the El Paso Women Department of the Chamber of Commerce, she served as president of Business and Professional Women Club in El Paso and served as a director for the El Paso Board of Relators and chair of the board’s Multiple Listing Services.

Joseph Longo
EPHS Curator

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