Dr. Rene Noren

Dr. Rene Noren was born in 1926 in Chicago. She earned a  B.S. from Roosevelt University and earned a degree from Kirkville College of Osteopathy. She opened up her own clinic in El Paso in 1955 called, Park Foothills Hospital Clinic. Dr. Noren served as an examiner for the Federal Aviation Agency and for the Association of Aerospace Medicine. She was named in “Who’s Who of American Women” and wrote an article on a type of congestive failure in an osteopathic magazine. Noren was an examiner for Pan American Insurance, the first El Paso osteopathic doctor and surgeon to be chosen. Prior to her arrival to El Paso, she was practicing in Port Arthur. Dr. Noren was chosen to be the Sunrise Shopping Center Woman of the Year. She served in the U.S. Women Army Corp. Noren’s Hospital  was on 8201 Sheridan road.


EPCHS Curator,

Joseph Longo

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