Margaret Rolston Macdonald: Founder of Roslton Hospital.

In 1911, Margaret Rolston Macdonald a nurse founded Rolston hospital which was first located on 216 Wyoming Street. In 1916 she built a new hospital where the central police station now stands at North Raynor street. After her death in 1922, The Rolston Hospital was sold to the masons who reopened it as the Masonic hospital. Rolston Hospital was the only hospital in El Paso to have stream heating and a solid tiled operating room. Rolston hospital also trained nurses and Macdonald served as superintendent and oversaw the general operations. In 1912 she was joined by Miss J. Taylor, superintendent of nurses and miss N. Boid who was the surgical nurse.

Macdonald was born in Quebec, Canada. She was married to W.M. McDonald in 1912.  McDonald started a nursing school at the hospital. She faced protests when she first tried to establish the hospital from residents when she bought lots on Upson and Lawson in Sunset Heights in 1911.

-Joseph Longo


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