Password XI, 1966

Password Volume XI, Numbers 1-4 from 1966 Volume XI, No. 1. Spring 1966 Names in a Pawn Shop: A Study of Navajo Name by Lurline Coltharp Fort Bliss Diary: 1854-1868 by Richard K. McMaster El Paso in 1911 by H.D. Slater, an. by Eugene O. Porter The Constitution of the El Paso County Historical Society Book […]

Password XXIII, 1978

Password Volume XXIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1978 Volume XXIII, No. 1, Spring 1978 El Paso’s Splendid Little War by Garna L. Christian On the Border-Car Thievery in the 30’s by Chris P. Fox Historical Memories Contest My First Job by E.R. Bowman Book Reviews Mangan: The Pipeliners, El Paso Natural Gas Company Peterson and Knoles: Pancho […]

Password XXII, 1977

Password Volume XXII, Numbers 1-4 from 1977 Volume XXII, No. 1, Spring 1977 Oral History: Law Enforcement in El Paso, Allen G. Falby, Moderator, Mrs. Callie Fairley, E.A. (Dogie) Wright, Tony Trujillo, Chris P. Fox El Paso’s Petrified Giant by Robert N. Mullin Historical Memories Contest Smallpox-and the El Paso Pest House by Alexine Bartz Memories […]

Holiday Open House

Our annual Holiday Open House, held the first Thursday in December, featured the famous Burges Family Eggnog. A great time was had by all, hope you join us in 2016.

Password XVIII, 1973

Password Volume XVIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1973 Volume XVIII, No. 1, Spring 1973 “Mama De”: Tower Builder by Pierce and Orndorf, ed. by Collingwood The Attempted Payroll Robbery by Eugene O. Porter The Exchange by Chris P. Fox Down the Chihuahua Trail with Wislizenus Intro. & Notes by Eugene O. Porter (part 1 of several parts) […]

Password XVII, 1972

Password Volume XVII, Numbers 1-4 from 1972 Volume XVII, No. 1, Spring 1972 Letters Home: W.W. Mills Writes to His Family, Intro & notes by Eugene O. Porter Doctors I Have Known by Anne Kemp White Posadas and Pinatas by Frances Hatfield Book Reviews Mangan, El Paso in Pictures Lee, 87 Paintings and Drawings by Tom […]

Password XVI, 1971

Password Volume XVI, Numbers 1-4 from 1971 Volume XVI, No. 1, Spring 1971 “Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land” – The Story of the Liberty Bell by Eugene O. Porter On To White Oaks: The Story of the El Paso and Northeastern Railraod (part 1 of 2) by William T. Rabe Vilifications of Francisco Villa by Ruth […]

Password XV, 1970

Password Volume XV, Numbers 1-4 from 1970 Volume XV, No. 1, Spring 1970 Boyhood in Early El Paso-1903 by Bryan W. Brown The Defeat of Major I. Lynde, U.S.A. by Kenneth A. Goldblatt A History of the El Paso Water Works by Knud Howard Salveson Book Reviews Green, Ely, Too Black, Too White, by Robert M. […]

Password XIV, 1969

Password Volume XIV, Numbers 1-4 from 1969 Volume XIV, No. 1, Spring 1969 Pancho Villa’s Capitulation: An Inside Look by Haldeen Braddy The Las Cruces Thirty-Four Answers “The School Question: by S.H. Newman IIII The Altar Bell of La Trinidad by Richard T. Copenbarger The Man For Whom Ciudad Juarez Was Named by Mary Ellen B. […]

Password XIII, 1968

Password Volume XIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1968 Volume XIII, No. 1, Spring 1968 The Double Life of Edwin Bliss Hill by Kenneth A. Goldblatt Negroes with Confederate Troops in West Texas and New Mexico by Martin Hardwick Hall The El Paso Volunteer Fire Department by Eugene O. Porter Book Reviews Raht, Confessions of a Fiddlefoot, by […]

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