Black History Month:African American Suffragists in El Paso.

African American Suffragists in El Paso  By Janine Young The women’s suffrage campaign in the United States was a remarkable political and social movement that spanned seven decades of American history. A little known aspect of this history is the story of African American suffragists in El Paso. The city had a small yet intensely […]

Helen O' Shea Kehler

Christmas Dinner Menu From 1918

Christmas Dinner Menu From 1918 A page from a  Loose-leaf notebook with handwritten notes on nutrition, foods, and recipes  that belonged to Helen  O’Shea Keleher Consommé         Bread Sticks Olives          Salted Peanuts Roasted Goose           Potatoes and stuffing Cream of Lima Bean          […]


Honoring Leon Claire Metz 1930-2020

The El Paso County Historical Society would like to express our condolences to the family, friends, and many fans of Leon Claire Metz who passed away Sunday, November 15, 2020. Leon was a past-president of the Society and well-loved and respected, not only by the Society but in the community that he chose to make […]


Weddings at the Burges House.

Brides of the Burges House (excerpt from the Brides of the Burges House by former EPCHS President, Carolyn Beck.) The Burges House, home of four generations of the Burges family, has been the setting for more than twenty weddings and receptions for family and friends during the years of 1923 through 1977. The first bride […]

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