El Paso Pioneer: Dr. Edward Alexander

The Pioneer Association of El Paso was formed in 1904 by men who had come to the city before 1900. Among its ranks were builders, merchants, traders, lawyers, farmers, miners and others who came west to make a new life or find their fortune. Some of the records of the Pioneer Association are housed at […]

Only in El Paso: Scenic Drive

Several months ago, local filmmaker Jesus Nunez interviewed the El Paso County Historical Society’s very own Robert Diaz about the wonder and importance of Scenic Drive. Watch here! Only in El Paso: Scenic Drive

Password XLIV, 1999

Password Volume XLIV, Numbers 1-4 from 1999 Volume XLIV, No. 1, Spring 1999 El Paso’s Paramount-Publix Theatre, A Brief Historical Overview by John Martin West The Camino Real at the Pass: The Economy and Political Structure of the Paso Del Norte Area in the Eighteenth Century by Dr. Rick Hendricks And All Through the House by […]

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