Password IV, 1959

Password Volume IV, Numbers 1-4 from 1959

Volume IV, No. 1, Spring 1959

El Paso – Fort Yuma Wagon Road: 1857-1860 by Jack C. Vowell, Jr.
Fort Hancock-Last of the Frontier Forts by George Ruhlen
The Development of Irrigation in the City of El Paso by Alice White

Book Reviews

Hoover, Early Days in the Mogollons, by Eugene O. Porter
Ferguson, Murder and Mystery in New Mexico, by Albion Smith

Volume IV, No. 2. Summer 1959

El Paso and the Poll Tax by Conrey Bryson
Climatological and Geological Date of the El Paso Area by Helen Orndorff
El Paso – Fort Yuma Wagon Road 1857-1860 by Jack L. Cross
No Dark and Cold and Dreary Days-El Paso, Texas, As a Health Resort by Eugene O. Porter
The Franklin Guard Report by Albion Smith

Book Reviews

Henry, The Seven Men at Mimbres, by Albion Smith
Madison and Stillwell, How Come It’s Called That?, by Lillian Collingwood

Volume IV, No. 3, Fall 1959

El Paso Defends Her Culture-Opera at the Pass of the North, by Estelle Goodman Levy
The Mansfield Report-1853 edited by Richard K. McMaster
By Wagon From El Paso to the Bonita Valley In 1894 edited by Eugene O. Porter

Book Reviews

Sonnichsen, The Mescalero Apaches, by Joseph Leach
Middagh, Frontier Newspaper: The El Paso Times, by Jack C. Vowell, Jr.

Volume IV, No. 4, Winter 1959

Johnny Gringo at the Pass of the North by John P. Bloom
The Pre-Road Building Period in New Mexico Territory by Jack L. Cross
General B.H. Grierson-Indian Fighter by Daniel B. Cullinane

History of Agriculture in the El Paso Valley-The Native Period by Helen Orndorff

Book Reviews

Kerby, The Confederate Invasion of New Mexico and Arizona, by George Ruhlen
Barnard, Livery Stable Days, by Mary Ellen B. Porter

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