Password V, 1960

Password Volume V, Numbers 1-4 from 1960

Volume V, No. 1, Spring 1960
The Presidential Election of 1928 in El Paso County by Charles E. Hershberger
The Guns of Valverde by Richard K. McMaster and George Ruhlen

Book Reviews

McCaleb, The Mier Expedition, by Eugene O. Porter
Wilhem, Cavalcade of Hooves and Horns, by C.L. Sonnichsen

Volume V, No. 2. Summer 1960

P.T. Herbert: Ante-Bellum Resident of El Paso by Rex W. Strickland
Quitman’s Owners: A Sidelight on Frontier Realty by George Ruhlen
The Myra Opera House and Other Theaters in Old El Paso by Estelle Goodman Levy

Book Reviews

Bolton, The Mission As a Frontier Institution in the Spanish-American Colonies, by Eugene O. Porter
Hafen and Hafen, Relations with the Indians of the Plains, 1857-1861, by Lillian Collingwood

Volume V, No. 3, Fall 1960

The Baylor-Kelley Fight: A Civil War Incident in Old Mesilla by Martin Hardwick Hall
The Effects of the Railroads Upon El Paso by Clyde Wise, Jr.
The Last Indian Scouts by Daniel B. Cullinane
The Ninth Military Dsitrict: Territory of New Mexico-1848-1862 by Richard K. McMaster

Book Reviews

Mumey, ed., Bloody Trails Along the Rio Grande, by George Ruhlen
Hamlin, The True Story of Billy The Kid: A Tale of the Lincoln County War, by C.L. Sonnichsen

Volume V, No. 4, Winter 1960

The Mimbres Indians by Rex E. Gerald
Fort Thorn-An Historical Vignette by George Ruhlen
The Development of Agriculture in the El Paso Valley-The Spanish Period by Helen Orndorff
Washington Slept Here by Richard K. McMaster

Book Reviews

Stoutenburgh, Dictionary of the American Indians, by C.L. Sonnichsen
Hening, George Curry, 1861-1947, An Autobiography, by Jack L. Cross

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