Password VIII, 1963

Password Volume VIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1963

Volume VIII, No. 1, Spring 1963

Richard Fenner Burges by C.L. Sonnichsen
Maud Durlin Sullivan by Betty Mary Goetting
The Rev. B.M.G. Williams by Conrey Bryson
Records and Reminiscences of Old Fort Bliss by Richard K. McMasters
A Color Portrait of a Pioneer, Samuel B. Gillett by Robert Vincent Clement
Commemorating the Death of John Wesley Hardin by Marshall Hail

Book Reviews

Strickland, ed., W.W. Mills, Forty Years at El Paso, 1858-1898, by James C. Harvey
Blackwelder, The Story of Kit Carson, Mary Ellen B. Porter

Volume VIII, No. 2. Summer 1963

Peddlers and Merchants-The Jewish Businessman on the Southwest Frontier: 1850-1880
The Effect of the Railroad on New Mexico by F.A. Ehmann
Stage Coach Days by George Ruhlen

Book Reviews

Timmons, Morelos of Mexico: Priest, Soldier, Statesman, by John H. McNeely
Raht, The Romance of Davis Mountains and Big Bend Country, by Eugene O. Porter
Pearson, The Maxwell Land Grant, by James C. Harvey

Volume VIII, No. 3, Fall 1963

David Meriwether, Territorial Governor of New Mexico: A Sidelight on the Mexican Boundary Controversy of 1853 by Robert N. Mullin
Laws and Lawyers in the Sage Brush and Chaparral Days Edited by Eugene O. Porter
The Army Mule by Colonel H. Crampton Jones

Book Reviews

Harris, Negro Frontiersman: The Western Memoirs of Henry O. Flipper by Lilian Collingwood
Hertzog, Old Town Albuquerque, by Eugene O. Porter
Hertzog, La Fonda: The Inn of Santa Fe, by Eugen O. Porter
Hertzog, Little Known Facts about Billy the Kid, by Eugene O. Porter
Lindquist, Jess Sweeten, Texas Lawman, by Mary Ellen Porter

Volume VIII, No. 4, Winter 1963

Hall of Honor Address: The El Paso Character by Conrey Bryson
Mrs. Eugenia M. Schuster by The Rev. B.M,G, Williams
The Honorable Robert Ewing Thomason by Richard C. White
The Hart’s Mill Post-1880-1893 by Richard K. McMaster
The Smelting Works-As Remembered by Noel Longuemaire by Charles Safford De Wetter
Lady Bullfighters by Haldeen Brady

Book Reviews

Breihan, Younger Brothers, by James C. Harvey
Cardenas, The Municipality in Northern Mexico, by Eugene O. Porter
Gregory, The Chamizal Settlement: A View From El Paso, by Eugene O. Porter

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