Password VII, 1962

Password Volume VII, Numbers 1-4 from 1962

Volume VII, No. 1, Spring 1962

Pasan Por Aqui by Joseph Leach
Biographical Sketch of James Wiley Magoffin by Richard C. White
Biographical Sketch of Lawrence M. Lawson by Conrey Bryson
Wagon Roads Across New Mexico: 1846-1860

Book Reviews

Horn and Wallace, eds., Confederate Victories in the Southwest: Prelude to Defeat, by C.L. Sonnichsen
Tinker, Corridos & Calaveras, by Ray Past

Volume VII, No. 2. Summer 1962

Ernest Angerstein-Soldier, Merchant, Accused Secessionist and Post Trader by Floyd S. Fierman
The Exit of Toribio Huerta by Jack F. Findlay
Feathered Duelists by Haldeen Braddy

Book Reviews

Neal, Captive Mountain Waters: A Story of Pipelines and Peoples, by Kenneth K. Bailey
Hall, Sibley’s New Mexico Campaign, by Richard K. McMaster

Volume VII, No. 3, Fall 1962

W.W. Mills-El Paso Politician by Rex W. Strickland
The Magoffin Salt War by J.J. Bowden

Book Reviews

McCaleb, The Alamo, by Alice Harvey
McMaster, Musket, Saber & Missile: A History of Fort Bliss, by Eugene O. Porter

Volume VII, No. 4, Winter 1962

Background of a Bullfighter by Marshall Hail
The Cloudcroft Baby Sanatorium by Estelle Goodman Levy
Trans-Pecos Landscapes by George Clurg

Book Reviews

Hail, Knight in the Sun, by Laura Scott Meyers
Baur, Christmas on the American Frontier, 1800-1900, by Mary Ellen Porter
Bridges, Lee’s Maverick General: Daniel Harvey Hill, by James C. Harvey

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