The Lowenstein Family: Pioneer Family of Ysleta.

Moritz Lowenstein was born in Westphalia, Germany, he immigrated to the United States in the 1850s. He first came to the El Paso area in 1863 while working for the Federal Government. In 1873 he married Juana Buchanan, daughter of James Buchanan and Magdalena De Diaz.

James was a U.S.Consul in Mexico and Moritz worked with him as an assistant counsel. James was a prominent businessman and civic leader in El Paso and Juarez. He owned a lot of land on both sides of the border. His son George B. Buchanan opened his own general store in Ysleta in 1898. James also served on Ysleta Town Council. Lowenstein worked for Spielberg Mercantile company before coming to El Paso.

Moritz established his residence on Alameda, which is currently home to the El Paso Mission Trail Association. Moritz opened his own general on Alameda in 1876 and owned a large amount of land in Ysleta and Socorro. Lowenstein also had investments and business partnerships in the City of El Paso. Moritz also owned and ran a farm. Moritz had a contract to provide Fort Bliss with staples of mule and horse feed. Lowenstein hired members of the Tiguas tribe to drive wagons to deliver freights of vegetables and fruits.

In 1878, Moriz served as U.S. Postmaster, president of the Ysleta School Board, served on the County Commissioner’s Court and served as county treasurer. While he was away, Juana ran his business, and she was known as the “Mother of Ysleta” because of she would care for the sick and help the poor. The Couple had 12 children who survived into adulthood. Several of their sons; Julius, Issac, Joseph, Albert, and James also went into the mercantile and farming business. Willie and Gustav both went into law enforcement serving as constable and deputy sheriff. Isaac followed in his father footsteps and went on to serve on the Ysleta School Board and also served on the El Paso County Commissioners Court. His daughter, Emile married Louis Foix Sr, who served as Justice of the peace and chaired the Ysleta School Board. He was a court interpreter and opened his own general store. Juana died in 1940 and Moritz Lowenstein died in 1923. There’s a Lowenstein street in the Lower valley that is named in his honor
Joseph Longo
EPCHS Curator

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