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Emma Capeheart: Pioneer El Paso Beauty Professional

Emma Capeheart: Pioneer El Paso Beauty Professional.

Emma Capeheat was an early El Paso Businesswoman who owned and ran several beauty salons in the 1920s and 1930s. Capeheart was known for her modern hair styling faculties and also for  her skills in hair weaving . In 1922, Capeheart was running  a beauty  salon on 908 Mesa street. Capeheart also opened the “Ultra modern” in Kern Place in 1929. Capeheart opened a another beauty salon in Kern Place in 1930. Capeheat was recognized nationally and the opening  of her salon in Five Points received national attention. Capeheart was a  graduate of Mannello Beauty School. Capeheart bought the American Beauty Parlor that located in the Banner-Robert Building. by 1947, Capeheart was at Jennie Beauty Shop.

Other early female beauty professionals was Grace A. Benso,who was a beauty and skin specialist  from Chicago was stationed in the Herald Building.There was also  the Allen Sisters Salon ran by Gertrude Cook by the 1920s. There was also Elite Fashions ran by Rose Fairbanks. Esther Rodriquez ran a beauty parlor on  the basement of the Roberts Banner building by 1916. Perhaps the first woman beauty salon operator was Elieen Berg who opened her shop in 1901,being in operation for more then 12 years.

Posener Beauty salons opened in 1908 and then opened in 1911 in the Posner Building and Max Posener was the operator. The Posener was renamed La Mode. There was also beauty shops located at the Popular and White House Department.

-Joseph Longo



Emma Capeheart

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