Traces of Stardom in El Paso: Bessie Love.

Bessie Love(1898-1986)was a famous and successful actress during the silent and early sound film era. She was nominated for her performance in “Broadway Melody” in  1929 for the Academy Award for Best Actress. Love’s career in film, radio, and television lasted for eight decades.  Love also  had an El Paso Connection.

Bessie Love was born  Juanita Horton in Midland, Texas on September 10. She lived in El Paso when was younger. She told the El Paso Times in 1924 she attended Sunset School,1905-1906. She lived on 410 N. Oregon street. Love came back to El Paso to shoot the film “Sundown” in 1924. She told the El Paso Times “It is just like coming home to be here now” but many years later when she was interviewed by El Paso County Historical Society’s Password Editor, Eugene Porter she did not have a lot to say about El Paso.

The Following documents and correspondence are from Mr. Porter’s research quest of Bessie Love.

-Joseph Longo and Robert Diaz


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