Password X, 1965

Password Volume X, Numbers 1-4 from 1965

Volume X, No. 1, Spring 1965

Army Road-Building in New Mexico Territory: 1854-1861 by Jack L. Cross
San Elizario-The Celebrations of the Saints by Eugene O. Porter
Dallas Stoudenmire-El Paso’s Most Famous Marshal by Stephen D. Harper
The 5th United States Infantry in New Mexico by Richard K. McMaster

Book Reviews

Mangan, The Life and Times of El Paso del Norte, by Mary Ellen B. Porter
Barr, ed., Charles Porter’s Account of the Confederate Attempts to Seize Arizona and New Mexico, by Eugene O. Porter

Volume X, No. 2. Summer 1965

An Old Timer’s Reminiscences of Grant County, New Mexico by Oscar W. Williams, an. by Samuel D. Myers
Owen Payne White by John Gordon Knight
Pat Garrett-Two Forgotten Killings by Robert N. Mullin
The Bob Fitzsimmons-Peter Maher Fight by Virginia Ridout Klaus and Opal Cranor Wilcox

Book Reviews

Raht, Old Buck and I, by Mary Ellen B. Porter
Rickards, Buckskin Frank Leslie: Gunman of Tombstone, by Alice Dwyer

Volume X, No. 3, Fall 1965

The Spanish Occupation of West Texas and New Mexico by Eugene O. Porter
Crinoline, Curriculum and Cannons-The Story of Radford school for Girls by Phyllis A. Mainz
Two Historic Good-Will Trips by Mabel C. Welch
The First Cigar Factory in El Paso by Leonard A. Goodman III

Book Reviews

Matson and Schroeder, A Colony on the Move-Gapar Castano de Sosa’s Journal: 1590-1591, by Eugene O. Porter
Braddy, Pancho Villa at Columbus: The Raid of 1916, by Marshall Hail
Erwin, The Southwest of John H. Slaughter, by Carl Hertzog

Volume X, No. 4, Winter 1965

Hall of Honor Address: The Frontier by H. Gordon Frost
Mr. Ernest William Ulrich Krause by Frederick Homer Bailey
Dr. Lucinda de Leftwich Templin by Robert E. Cunningham
Agriculture in the El Paso Valley: 1821-1870 by Helen Orndorff
Henry Hopkins Sibley-Confederate Commander of Fort Bliss and the Southwest by Richard K McMaster

Book Reviews

Coltharp, The Tongue of the Tirilones, by Haldeen Braddy
Jenkins, Cracker Barrel Chronicles, by Eugene O. Porter
Clurg, History in the Open, by Eugene O. Porter

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