Password XII, 1967

Password Volume XII, Numbers 1-4 from 1967

Volume XII, No. 1, Spring 1967

Pershing’s Air Arm In Mexico by Haldeen Braddy
San Elizario-Bower of Eden by Eugene O. Porter
Gambling in El Paso by J.D. Ponder

Book Reviews

Wallace, Real De Catorce-The Incredible City, by Mary Ellen B. Porter
Marchand, ed., News From Fort Craig, New Mexico, 1863: Civil War Letters of Andrew Ryan, with the First California Volunteers, by Eugen O. Porter
Neal, The Cloud-Climbing Railroad, by Mary Ellen B. Porter

Volume XII, No. 2. Summer 1967

Major Jefferson Van Horne by Richard K. McMaster
A Brief History of the Origin of Elephant Butte Dam by Helen Orndorff
What Time is it in El Paso by Conrey Bryson

Book Reviews

Mullin, The Boyhood of Billy the Kid, by Marshall Hail
Anderson, With the Bark On: Popular Humor of the Old South, by Mary Ellen B. Porter
Lamon, Sam Fore Jr.-Community Newspaper Editor, by Eugene O. Porter

Volume XII, No. 3, Fall 1967

My Father-Major General Robert Lee Howze, U.S. Army by Harriot Howze Jones
Agriculture in the El Paso Valley: 1870-1914 by Helen Orndorff
The Southwest Ostrich farm of Old El Paso by Peter William Eveler

Book Reviews

Hartze, Van Dorn: The Life and Times of a Confederate General, by Eugene O. Porter
Day, Handbook-Archival and Manuscript Depositories, by Eugene O. Porter
Ray, A Picture-History of the Pass of the North, by Eugene O. Porter

Volume XII, No. 4, Winter 1967

Hall of Honor Address: Thanksgiving, El Paso by Fred J. Morton
Mr. Robert E. McKee, Sr. by Herman Leibreich
Mr. Christiaan Petrus Fox by H. Crampton Jones
The Borderer of Las Cruces by S.H. Newman III
Life in El Paso in the 1890’s by Nadine Hale Prestwood

Book Reviews

Corning, Baronial Forts of the Big Bend, by James M. Day
Reeder, The Story of the Mexican War, by Eugene O. Porter
Peavy, Charles A. Siringo: A Texas Picaro, by Kenneth A. Goldblatt

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