Password XIII, 1968

Password Volume XIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1968

Volume XIII, No. 1, Spring 1968

The Double Life of Edwin Bliss Hill by Kenneth A. Goldblatt
Negroes with Confederate Troops in West Texas and New Mexico by Martin Hardwick Hall
The El Paso Volunteer Fire Department by Eugene O. Porter

Book Reviews

Raht, Confessions of a Fiddlefoot, by Mary Ellen B. Porter
Hinkle, Wings and Saddles, by Leon C. Metz
Brady, Pancho Villa Rides Again, by Lurline H. Coltharp

Volume XIII, No. 2. Summer 1968

General Scott on Pancho Villa by Haldeen Braddy
Flowered Hat and White Gloves by Gladys Strickland Hawkins
A Letter From Major Jefferson van Horne by Richard K. McMaster
El Paso’s First Municipal Airport by Stacy C. Hinkle
The Route of the Southern Pacific Across Arizona and New Mexico by William M. Vestal

Book Reviews

Mullin, The Boyhood of Billy the Kid, by Marshall Hail
Anderson, With the Bark On: Popular Humor of the Old South, by Mary Ellen B. Porter
Lamon, Sam Fore Jr.-Community Newspaper Editor, by Eugene O. Porter

Volume XIII, No. 3, Fall 1968

The Eternal Light and the Cross: The Spirit of the Southwest by Floyd S. Fierman
The Economic, Political, and Social Status of the Negro in El Paso by Marilyn T. Bryan
Why True Love Broke Jail by Leon C. Metz

Book Reviews

Baughman, Charles Morgan and the Development of Southern Transportation, by Eugene O. Porter
Fulton, Edited by Mullin, History of the Lincoln County War, by S.H. Newman III
Salinas, Bluebonnets and Cactus: An Album of Southwestern Paintings, by Mary Ellen B. Porter

Volume XIII, No. 4, Winter 1968

Hall of Honor Address: The Past is Prologue by Barry O. Coleman
Mr. Zach T. White by H. Crampton Jones
Mr. Jack C. Vowell, Sr. by Chris P. Fox
Tragedy At Chamberino by Jack F. Findlay
The Woman’s Club of El Paso: 1894-1943 by Mary S. Cunningham

Book Reviews

Faulk, Land of Many Frontiers: A History of the American Southwest, by James M. Day
McMaster, The Caparisoned Horse, by Kenneth A. Goldblatt

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