Helen O' Shea Kehler

Christmas Dinner Menu From 1918

Christmas Dinner Menu From 1918

A page from a  Loose-leaf notebook with handwritten notes on nutrition, foods, and recipes  that belonged to Helen  O’Shea Keleher

Consommé         Bread Sticks

Olives          Salted Peanuts

Roasted Goose           Potatoes and stuffing

Cream of Lima Bean           Peas

chicken croquette         Dressed lettuce

Cheese straws        English Plum Pudding

Sauce        Assorted Cookies

Bon Bon         Café Noir

 Roasted Goose from “Tried Recipes” by the Ladies Aids Society of the Frist Christian Chruch of  Lawrenceville, Illinois,1918

“Goose taste better if rubbed with salt, pepper, and a light vinegar that day before using. Fill pan half full of water. lay goose breast down. add a little celery and onion. cover and roast.  baste frequently.”

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