Month: January 2016

Password XIV, 1969

Password Volume XIV, Numbers 1-4 from 1969 Volume XIV, No. 1, Spring 1969 Pancho Villa’s Capitulation: An Inside Look by Haldeen Braddy The Las Cruces Thirty-Four Answers “The School Question: by S.H. Newman IIII The Altar Bell of La Trinidad by Richard T. Copenbarger The Man For Whom Ciudad Juarez Was Named by Mary Ellen B. […]

Password XIII, 1968

Password Volume XIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1968 Volume XIII, No. 1, Spring 1968 The Double Life of Edwin Bliss Hill by Kenneth A. Goldblatt Negroes with Confederate Troops in West Texas and New Mexico by Martin Hardwick Hall The El Paso Volunteer Fire Department by Eugene O. Porter Book Reviews Raht, Confessions of a Fiddlefoot, by […]

Password XII, 1967

Password Volume XII, Numbers 1-4 from 1967 Volume XII, No. 1, Spring 1967 Pershing’s Air Arm In Mexico by Haldeen Braddy San Elizario-Bower of Eden by Eugene O. Porter Gambling in El Paso by J.D. Ponder Book Reviews Wallace, Real De Catorce-The Incredible City, by Mary Ellen B. Porter Marchand, ed., News From Fort Craig, New […]

Password X, 1965

Password Volume X, Numbers 1-4 from 1965 Volume X, No. 1, Spring 1965 Army Road-Building in New Mexico Territory: 1854-1861 by Jack L. Cross San Elizario-The Celebrations of the Saints by Eugene O. Porter Dallas Stoudenmire-El Paso’s Most Famous Marshal by Stephen D. Harper The 5th United States Infantry in New Mexico by Richard K. McMaster […]

Password IX, 1964

Password Volume IX, Numbers 1-4 from 1964 Volume IX, No. 1, Spring 1964 Reminiscences of Frieda Freudenthal Mahbir by Floyd S. Fierman Southwestern Military Posts, 1849-1862 by Richard K. McMaster Book Reviews Strickland, Six Who Came to El Paso, by Marshall Hail Charleton & Poe, The History of the National Guard of New Mexico, 1606-1963, by […]

Password VIII, 1963

Password Volume VIII, Numbers 1-4 from 1963 Volume VIII, No. 1, Spring 1963 Richard Fenner Burges by C.L. Sonnichsen Maud Durlin Sullivan by Betty Mary Goetting The Rev. B.M.G. Williams by Conrey Bryson Records and Reminiscences of Old Fort Bliss by Richard K. McMasters A Color Portrait of a Pioneer, Samuel B. Gillett by Robert Vincent […]

Password VII, 1962

Password Volume VII, Numbers 1-4 from 1962 Volume VII, No. 1, Spring 1962 Pasan Por Aqui by Joseph Leach Biographical Sketch of James Wiley Magoffin by Richard C. White Biographical Sketch of Lawrence M. Lawson by Conrey Bryson Wagon Roads Across New Mexico: 1846-1860 Book Reviews Horn and Wallace, eds., Confederate Victories in the Southwest: Prelude […]

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